Marina di Ravenna was the first seaside resort on the coast of Ravenna completely devoted to tourism since the thirties of the last century. Today it is a place dynamic and trendy, with local and beach resorts and tourist-hotel organization with great experience and tradition, which attract during the summer many families and young people. Nestled in a lush coastal pine forest, the town is popular for its traditional cuisine based on fish.

The resort houses the marina of the city of Ravenna, Marinara, a marina complex offering 1,500 berths for boats up to 30m, well protected by two breakwaters 2.8 km long to ensure its viability in any condition weather. Thanks to its port, Marina di Ravenna is very popular with sailors, who argue here regattas throughout the year.

About 12 miles from the coast is an important area of ​​biological protection named Paguro, an area of ​​restocking, born from the remains of a drilling platform, home to unique plant and animal forms, a destination for researchers and divers, which is closely linked to the National Museum of Underwater Activities, currently the first and only company of its kind in Italy.


In Ravenna you breathe art, history and culture. Recognized worldwide for its historic and artistic treasures, the city contain the richest heritage of mosaics dating from the fifth and sixth centuries AD within its early Christian and Byzantine religious buildings, declared World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Take the old town on foot or by bicycle is like reliving a long history, starting from the Roman and its fabulous early Christian basilicas, through the Renaissance and reaches up to the nineteenth century, when the city was rediscovered by famous visitors such as Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, Sigmund Freud and Gustav Klimt.

In addition to the extraordinary richness of its architectural heritage, the few kilometers that separate it from the Adriatic coast make the city an attractive destination for relaxation, fun and a great place to walk in nature. Ravenna is a sparkling city full of artistic and cultural events, which welcomes its guests in a traditional sign of courtesy and spoils them with tasty dishes, always accompanied by a good wine.


Punte Alberete and Valley Mandriole are the latest examples of freshwater marsh, forest residues swampy southern Po Valley. Their origin is related to the history of hydraulic river Lamone, which until the fourteenth century lacked a direct outlet to the sea; only with the intervention of the papal of 1839 it was possible to settle this area, encouraging its reclamation.

The area south of the River Lamone is known as the Punte Alberete. It is a forest very impressive from the point of view of landscape to the changing environments of hydric wood, more or less flooded, underwater meadows, open spaces and flora (water lilies, swamp lilies) and fauna typical of marshy areas (ferruginous , purple heron, glossy ibis ibis, squacco, night herons, bitterns and bitterns).
The area is characterized by a path “raised” with walkways and signs of typical flora; also in the light Sciafèla (Carraia Scargnarda) is an observatory shielded. The course is strictly pedestrian and shaded on both sides.


The Park of the Po Delta has been included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO for the advantage of an extraordinary natural ecosystem preserved by the hand of man.

It is one of the most important parks in Europe in terms of the concentration of biodiversity, which features birds (flamingos, herons, ducks and many other species of birds), the presence of rare and extremely rare, found in other parts of the continent.

The park consists of 6 different stations, three in the province of Ravenna and three in the province of Ferrara.
Stations Pinewood of San Vitale and Pialasse of Ravenna and Classe Pinewood and saltern throughout their surface, the station Comacchio valleys whose main town, for the part of Ravenna, is St. Albert.

Today it is the paradise of bird watchers and nature photography, as it offers unique landscapes and unique, is the favorite destination for school trips, to the advocates of the Slow Tourism who want to dive along the bike paths or hiking trails


The zoological park Zoo Safari Ravenna is a natural zero impact located a few km south of Ravenna, in the locality of Savio / Wonderland, directly opposite the amusement park.

Spread over an area of about thirty acres inside you can see the animals up close, without barriers, through a 4-km trail to your own vehicle (car / RV / bus), on an electric car or on a train set available from the park. Along the way you may well meet tigers, lions, giraffes, zebras: more than 450 animals of 40 different species!

Ravenna is also the Zoo Safari Animal Docet: a path between the typical animals of the farm such as cows, sheep, goats, peacocks, etc. with the chance to get close to them, find out their characteristics through educational stories and try the emotion of a ride help from expert.


Mirabilandia is about 15 km away from our hotel, near the Pinewood of Classe, around three small lakes where various species of birds. It consists of two main areas: the theme park and water park Mirabeach.

The theme park, full of green areas, home to aquatic mechanical attractions and shows with ideal for the whole family. The water park, however, is equipped with swimming pools, water slides and artificial beaches.


Cutting-edge wellness spa and beauty treatments, the Terme di Punta Marina (about 2 km from our hotel) use large beneficial properties of the mineral calcium magnesium salsobromoiodica taken up to 42 meters deep. Rich in magnesium (470 mg / liter), it is a rare variety of fossil water, particularly suitable for diseases of the osteoarticular, respiratory, ENT, gynecology.
The fully equipped health center allows instrumental and laboratory, while the modern department neuromotor rehabilitation, orthopedic and sports features swimming pools, gym and vascular.
The spa is also equipped with an advanced medical aesthetic center, where live harmoniously tradition and innovation for exclusive treatments.